Sunday, September 4, 2011

World Teachers Day

World Teachers’ Day is celebrated to show respect and honour to all the great teachers of the world who have served selflessly in building the future of the world. On the October 5 of every year, World Teacher’s Day is celebrated all across the world to recognize the contribution and greatness of teachers. All over the world various cultural activities are arranged at national and international levels to recognize the contribution of teachers.

World Teacher’s Day, 5th October is celebrated every year in several countries but some countries do have different dates for celebrating Teacher’s Day. Australian world Teacher’s Day is celebrated on the last Friday in the month of October in which ASG Community Merit Awards are announced. World Teacher’s Day celebration was started by UNESCO in which about 100 different countries participate currently. International Teacher’s Day honours the teachers for their contribution to a specific field or the community in general. World Teachers Day celebrations inspire a lot of these teachers to carry forth their duties with renewed enthusiasm. World Teacher’s Day history goes back to the recognition by UNESCO by adopting the “recommendation concerning the status of teachers”.

Famous Teachers

Two most famous teachers in history who immediately come to our mind are Einstein and Abraham Lincoln who educated the world and brought about a revolution. In movies too, the strong personalities of many of these great minds have been depicted through all ages. Their wise words have now earned the status of famous quotes that go around in people’s lips. Many of these famous teachers of the 20th century showed a new way to lead an emancipated life rich and glorious. Therein lies their greatness. Among the most famous Indian teachers, the name of Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan comes foremost to our minds. Some very famous teacher quotes have continued to be a source of inspiration for generations. These famous educators have rocked the world with their innovative ideas and nation-building powers. Celebrity teachers like Maya Angelou, Gene Simmons, Sir William Golding, Greg Graffin, Andy Griffith, Stephen King, Leonard Maltin, Madeleine, Albright, Tonay Danza and others have also been named among famous professors or famous American teachers, famous elementary teachers or just famous school teachers. The names of Aristotle, Confucius, Galileo Galilee, Sir Isaac Newton, and Pythagoras deserve a mention when we talk about famous teachers throughout history and their contribution has been too obvious to miss.

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