Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Boss Day Celebration

Boss Day is celebrated in more or less the same manner in almost all the major countries of the world. Boss Day celebration in India is unique and very attractive for the employees as on this day it is the boss who presents gifts to the employees. Boss Day USA is a secular holiday and offers all employees a chance to thank their bosses for their generosity and considerateness. But all the same, Boss Day United States has been a bit controversial ever since its inception and is mockingly referred to as Hallmark holiday. Boss Day in South Africa is celebrated countrywide as National Boss's Day. Boss Day Canada is also celebrated on October 16 as a secular holiday. Celebrations for Boss’ Day Canada are in the similar lines as in US. National Boss Day Canada presents an opportunity to all employees to express their gratitude and appreciation to their bosses. In case you are wondering when is Boss’ Day in South Africa 2011, it is on October 16 along with the rest of the countries. Boss Day UK has been conceived very recently. But the celebrations for Boss’ Day United Kingdom are gradually catching the spirits prevalent in other countries. Boss Day 2011 Singapore will call for a national holiday on October 16. The online channels for sending gifts to bosses on this day are very much available and open to public with a wide range of choices. Highlights of the day would be Boss Day activities comprising parties, going in a group to play some indoor games, or going for lunches or dinners together with families. There might also be cake cutting and gifting rituals.

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