Sunday, October 16, 2011

Boss Day

Boss day is on Wednesday, 16th October in the year 2013, on Thursday, 16th October in the year 2014 and on Friday, 16th October in the year 2015.

Boss’s Day is also spelt as Boss’ Day or Bosses Day and even National Boss Day. It is celebrated as a secular Boss’ Day holiday on October 16 every year in countries such as the United States of America and Canada. This day was conceptualized to give the employees a chance to show gratitude or thank their bosses for their professional contribution and for all the learning and guidance they impart to their employess. Very often the Boss’ Day celebrations have faced grave criticism and even controversy in US. This year too the employees are gearing up for Boss’s Day 2013 as in India delightfully the bosses present gifts to their subordinates. Wish your boss Happy Boss’ Day and start with the preparations to celebrate national Boss’ Day.

Boss Day history

The origin of Boss’ Day is based on an interesting story.  Patricia Bays Haroski, is solely instrumental in bringing this to light. Patricia worked for State Farm Insurance Company in Deerfield as long ago as in the 1950s. Her boss was her own father. While working with her father as her boss, she had realized the hardships and constraints and the situation under which her father worked in managing the company. So influenced was she by her boss’ hardships that she decided to celebrate the birthday of her father as Bosses Day and October 16 was his birthday. She even registered the day with the Chamber of Commerce of the US as a holiday. Finally after four years, the day got acknowledged as the National Boss Day after it got approval from Otto Kerner, who was the Governor of Illinois at that time. Boss’ Day holiday came into vogue 1962 onwards.

Boss Day Celebration

Boss Day is celebrated in more or less the same manner in almost all the major countries of the world. Boss Day celebration in India is unique and very attractive for the employees as on this day it is the boss who presents gifts to the employees. Boss Day USA is a secular holiday and offers all employees a chance to thank their bosses for their generosity and considerateness. But all the same, Boss Day United States has been a bit controversial ever since its inception and is mockingly referred to as Hallmark holiday. Boss Day in South Africa is celebrated countrywide as National Boss's Day. Boss Day Canada is also celebrated on October 16 as a secular holiday. Celebrations for Boss’ Day Canada are in the similar lines as in US. National Boss Day Canada presents an opportunity to all employees to express their gratitude and appreciation to their bosses. In case you are wondering when is Boss’ Day in South Africa 2013, it is on October 16 along with the rest of the countries. Boss Day UK has been conceived very recently. But the celebrations for Boss’ Day United Kingdom are gradually catching the spirits prevalent in other countries. Boss Day 2013 Singapore will call for a national holiday on October 16. The online channels for sending gifts to bosses on this day are very much available and open to public with a wide range of choices. Highlights of the day would be Boss Day activities comprising parties, going in a group to play some indoor games, or going for lunches or dinners together with families. There might also be cake cutting and gifting rituals.

Boss Day Gifts

There can be a whole gamut of Boss’ Day gift ideas. But while looking for the ideal gifts for Boss’ Day, you should also decide on your budget. It is not advisable to go overboard with Boss Day gifts and be over extravagant in spending. That might create false expectations in your boss’ mind and might also make him uncomfortable in accepting such gifts. For unique Boss’ Day gift ideas, handmade gifts such as painted vases, craft work, knitted wool, or even a handmade card can be a great gift to impress your boss properly. Boss’s Day gift should be chosen discreetly depending on his/her likes and dislikes. Some other unique ideas for Boss’s Day might be gifting him with good show tickets or tickets for his family for a nice movie, or spa or salon vouchers. Some very good gift ideas for male boss can be toiletries/personal care items, tees, sports gear of his favourite sport that he plays regularly, vacation voucher, vouchers to any reputed eating joints or clothes chains. Good gift ideas for female boss would be a nice saree, cosmetics, purses, home utility items, or designer jewellery.

Boss Day Greeting Cards

Boss Day greetings might be through nice and expensive gifts such as Parker pen, a leather wallet, a designer purse, a camera, or a crystal vase. But if you are on a shoe-string budget and still want to bring a smile of your face on Bosses Day, send your boss a happy Bosses Day greetings through a Happy Boss’ Day card. Greetings for Boss’ Day are also sent in the form of Boss’ Day ecards. Boss’ Day greeting cards can be found in gift/card shops. Lovely and unique happy Boss’ Day cards can be easily downloaded from the internet. Download funny Bosses Day cards and brighten his/ her day.

Handmade Friendship Day card might go a long way in strengthening bonds between friends. A sketched portrait or digital portrait of your boss, and nice memento to be kept in the office, a collage with some memorable moments can be great ideas for greetings for boss day. Dig through the plethora of options for Boss’ Day cards. Boss’ Day printable cards can now be easily downloaded and gifted with a personal message inscribed in it. In today’s technologically advanced world you can reach out to your boss from anywhere in this world in minutes and send him/her Boss’ Day wishes through email cards. In case you are already very friendly with your boss, it is time to strengthen your relationship by sending him greetings messages with nice quotes or Boss’ Day funny or humorous ecards. Boss Day Hallmark ecards is quite a good choice. Boss Day greeting cards online with a personalized message expressing your feelings will definitely be a touching and sweet gesture.

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