Boss Jokes and Poems

It is always impossible to avoid your boss. And it is also necessary that you keep your relationship with your boss strong and healthy irrespective of the fact whether you like him or not.  On Boss’ Day, in order to alleviate the tenseness of the work place, you can try sending your boss some Boss Day jokes to lift up his spirits. Those times have passed when your boss was a tyrant and you were a poor perpetual sufferer. Now the relationship with bosses has turned much lighter and amicable. If your boss is friendly and jovial that you can always send him or her boss’s day jokes SMS. A good way to start Bosses Day is by wishing them with Boss jokes. That will alleviate the bosses’ tensions and they will be thankful for giving them the opportunity to wind down, even if it were for a short while.

Boss Jokes

Sardar sent SMS to his BOSS
Me sick, no work
Boss SMS back:
When I am sick I kiss my wife try it
2 hours later sardar sms 2 boss:
Me ok, ur wife very sweet
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Ability is what will get you to the top if the boss has no daughter.
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Boss (asking applicant): Why did you leave your last job?
Applicant: Illness
Boss: What was the trouble?
Applicant: My boss was sick of me!
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“Define a boss?
An idiot who thinks that nine women can produce a child in one month!”
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“The true lines on the T-shirt of an employee:
I work for MONEY. If you want loyalty, hire a DOG.”
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Boss day Poems

As the working conditions get more and more time crunched with difficult deadlines and boss’ ambitions to meet, the office atmosphere hangs heavy with relational complicacy between employees and their bosses. To lighten the overly charged work atmosphere, Boss’ Day funny poem might act as a cure. Depending upon how good a relation the employee has with the boss, boss’ appreciation poems might serve in motivating the boss to think positively about the employees under his/her charge. Funny boss poems might strike the right cord in pacifying a difficult relationship by removing the traces of negative stress and lightening his/her spirits. To show gratitude for all the guidance and cooperation of the boss, thank you poems for boss might work like magic. Poems and quotes read out or send through cards on your Bosses Day will inevitably impress him/her and bring about a feel good factor.

Boss day Poem

If Oscars were given to bosses
I'd nominate you
If Olympic medals were won by bosses
Your Gold is overdue
If Nobel Prizes were awarded to bosses
You would have quite a few
If Honorary degrees were granted to bosses
You'd have some of them too
Thank You Very Much Poems are given to bosses
And this is mine to you