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Dasara Festival

Dasara/Dussehra 2013 falls on 14th October(Monday), on 4th October(Saturday) in the year 2014 and on 22nd October(Thursday) in the year 2015.

Dasara is one of the important festivals of Hindus and it is celebrated with great enthusiasm in India and also the world over.  Happy Dasara wishes flow in from various corners of the country. Dushera mela forms a major attraction for the masses.

Story and legends associated with Dusherra

Dasara celebrations revolve round the Dasara story of the mythological war between Rama and Ravana. The most famous story revolves around God Rama of Ayodhya. Dusherra history says that when Sita, Ramas’ wife, was forcibly taken away by Ravana, Rama along with his younger brother Lakhsmana waged an epical battle to bring his wife back where he killed the ten-headed demon, Ravana, an epitome of evil.

Importance of Dasara or significance of Dasara

Story of Dasara owes its origin to the epic of Ramayana. Indian festival Dasara celebrates this victory of Rama over Ravana. Dushera Ravan vadh is carried out by burning effigies of Ravana. Dasara meaning can be explained as Dasha-hara or the remover of evil. Indian festival Dasara’s live telecast happens through various regional channels. Dasara coincides with the end of Navratri. This festival is equally popular in North India and in South India.

Dasara rituals involve the worship of the Goddess Durga in West Bengal and the worship of weapons and instruments in the Southern states and vary from state to state. Thousands throng in the Ramlila Maidan in the capital city of Delhi to watch the Dussehra Ravan dahan and the accompanying fireworks. Videos of the burning effigy on this day of Vijayadasami can be watched. The air gets filled with happy Dussehra wishes.

Dusshera Celebrations in India
Dasara holidays usually continue from the Navratra Holidays. Dasara 2013 holidays continue for a couple of days. Dushera school holidays give ample opportunity for the children to enjoy the festival to their heart’s content.

Dasara puja 2013
Dasara puja is performed and thousands of devotees offer their prayers to protect the creation from all evil forces. Dasara pooja also coincides with the fourth day of Durga Puja known as Vijayadashami.

Dasara Songs

Download your favourite Dasara songs easily and fast from the internet. Free download of popular Dasara songs mp3 version and lyrics are also available. YouTube has a rich collection of popular Dasara song videos that are watched regularly by Indians all over the world. Some of these melodies of Navratri Dasara have been sung and composed by musical maestros and have outlived generations on account of their immense popularity. These Dushera songs are usually sung by local artists too on popular demand at the various cultural events organised in various parts of the country.


Dasara Recipes

In this festive season of Dasara, prepare some mouth watering dishes to satiate the palate of your loved ones. Andhra style special cooking for Dasara celebrations calls for simaya payasam and rava laddoo. Special recipes to please the taste buds of kids such as papri chat, khaman dhokla, boondi raita, jalebi, rabri, dry fruit halwa, methi pakoda, dal kachori, vegetable samosa, dahi vada, imarti, and sandesh are very popular. You can also watch the recipes’ videos of all these tasty dishes to help your cooking. Dusherra recipes of Indian style cooking are widely available on Youtube  and elsewhere on internet with detailed explanations and descriptions, photos and videos.

Recipes for Dusshera

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