Dasara Pictures

Hindus wish each other Happy Dasara on this occasion as they go about meeting and greeting each other in this one the most famous Hindu festivals of India. Dasara images of Ravana vadh are famous all over the world. Dasara photos of thousands of people assembled to watch the burning of the Ravana effigies are a common sight. Pictures of Dasara are published in the newspapers and magazines and posted in the websites.  Images of Dushera from various different states show the different ways how Indians celebrate Dasara or Vijayadasami.

Dusshera mela or Vijayadashami festival portray the great Indian heritage; and this mela is attended by thousands of foreign tourists every year. Pics of Dasara can also be seen in social networking sites such as Facebook and Orkut. For kids, pictures of Dusherra where Ravana gets burnt are use to teach them the difference between good and evil and the end results of each. Picture greeting cards are also available to wish each other. You can also download Dasara photos for posting them to your friends staying abroad. In the Indian capital of Delhi, people gather in thousands in the Ramlila Madan to watch Ravan dahan and the accompanying spellbinding fireworks.