Sunday, October 23, 2011

Diwali Recipes

Tasty delicious dishes cooked with love are the highlights of every Indian festivity. Festive occasions encourage people to feast in tasty food cooked at home. The age old family recipes for Diwali sweets and other Diwali recipes derive a lot of importance. Elaborate Diwali food preparations are made days before the actual festivities as relatives and friends start pouring in from all over. Innovative modern Diwali recipes are being added each year as food trends change with generations. Blog on Diwali recipes in Hindi and in other languages such as Marathi are now being created and updated for interested food lovers. Spicy dishes such as chole kulche, pav bhaji, and chaats are as popular as sweet dishes such as malpuas, halwas, rasgulla, kesar kaju barfis and jalebis.

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