First Karwa Chauth

First Karva Chauth is very special for every Hindu wife. A lot of preparation goes behind the first Karva Chauth fast after marriage. The lady is showered with special attention from all members of the in-laws place and she gets a lot of blessings for a happy married life and also lots of Karva Chauth gifts from her husband and mother-in-law.

First Sargi
As per ritual the mother-in-law wakes up very early in the morning and prepares Sargi or pre-dawn Karva Chauth meal for her daughter-in-law. The first Sargi is prepared with utmost love and devotion and includes a sumptuous delicious meal of sweets and other Indian delicacies. The daughter-in-law also gets expensive gifts such as jewellery or designer saree.

First Baya
First Baya arrives from the daughter-in-law’s parental place for the mother-in-law on Karva Chauth. Baya is an assortment of delicacies such as salted mathris, dry-fruits, shringar, utensils and other gifts.

First Karwa Chauth Puja
This is a huge occasion for the family where relatives are invited in large numbers and elaborate preparations are made for the puja. The daughter-in-law decks herself in the finest of attire in bright red bridal make over, with lots of jewellery and make-up. Puja thali is prepared and aarti and other rituals are carried out with dedication.

Karva Chauth Love

Karwa Chauth renews the bond between the husbands and wives as wives dedicatedly and ritualistically observe fast and pray for their husbands’ safety, long life, well being and prosperity. The increased use of mobile phone nowadays have started the tradition of sending Karwa Chauth love SMS by couples to each other. These Karwa Chauth love SMS mostly contain quotes and messages expressing personal feelings for each other. This practice is especially prevalent for couples who stay away from each other on this occasion. The eternal love that exists in a marital relationship gets a new meaning through the festival of Karwa Chauth.

Karwa Chauth Baya

On the auspicious occasion of Karwa Chauth, the daughter-in-laws are lovingly gifted by their mother-in-laws. Sargi and baya form the two primary gifting items. Sargi is the per-dawn meal that the fasting women take and is prepared lovingly by the mother-in-laws. For a girl’s first Karva Chauth, a saree and a basket full of other attractive items and even utensils reach the girl’s in-laws place, which is called Baya. The baya should reach before sunset and is handed over to the mother-in-law or to the eldest woman of the family in her absence. For ordering Karwa Chauth baya online, you can log on to the various websites. Now sending Karwa Chauth baya to India from any part of the world has become easy and fast.

Karwa Chauth by Unmarried Women

Karwa Chauth is essentially a Hindu festival for the married women. But it has been noticed that even unmarried women who are engaged and have a fiancé like to keep Karwa Chauth fast and perform the rituals with equal devotion and dedication along with married women. Sometimes daughters have been seen to observe the rigorous Karwa Chauth along with their mothers in the hope of getting a loving husband for themselves. The rituals of puja, aarti, fast, and even the henna rituals and everything else is followed by unmarried women in the same way as married women. They offer puja in the evening and dress up in red or other bright colours. Carrying their puja thali filled with fruits, flowers, diya, etc. they go to offer their prayers. They also listen to the Karva Chauth Katha while passing their puja thalis around.