Friday, October 14, 2011

Karva Chauth Moon Rise

According to the age old tradition of Karva Chauth, the married women fast throughout the day without taking food or water praying for the safety, prosperity and well being of their husbands. They break their fast after viewing the moon in the evening. Karva Chauth moon rising every year is declared as per Indian Standard Time. But the moon is not supposed to be viewed directly. Either it is viewed through a sieve or in the reflection in water. Karva Chauth moon time for this year, for the various major cities of India is declared through various sources. It is also to be noted that Karva Chauth moon rise time varies from city to city.

  • Moon Rise in Lucknow – 7:57 PM

  • Moon Rise in Chandigarh – 8:06 PM

  • Moon Rise in Delhi - 8:08 PM

  • Moon Rise in Jaipur – 8:18 PM

  • Moon Rise in Ahmedabad – 8:38 PM

  • Moon Rise in Mumbai – 8:42 PM

After Moon Rise, it's time for some Karwa Chauth Recipes

Karwa Chauth Recipes

After the whole day of fasting, women on this special day of Karva Chauth usually break their fast by sipping water and taking sweets. Then they have a lavish dinner with uniquely cooked Karva Chauth recipes. There are many mouth watering Indian delicacies that have commonly found their place in Karva Chauth recipe. Gol gappa, alloo chana chat, alloo dahi, poori bhaji, papri chat, methi puri, vegetable kebab, masala puri, dhokla, aloo kachori and plenty of other veg dishes find their way to the dinner tables of fasting women of the house. The mother-in-law can surprise the daughter-in-law this year Karva Chauth with a unique pua recipe. There are also very popular drink and dessert recipes that might be prepared for this special occasion such as litchi shake, cardamom shake, chocolate shake, cold coffee, thandaai, banana shake, and strawberry shake.

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