Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mysore Dasara

Mysore Dasara festival 

Dussehra festival in Mysore is very famous all over India and is celebrated with great enthusiasm for ten days. The festivities come to an end on the Vijayadashami or the tenth day. Dussehra festival in Karnataka is largely a royal affair. Mysore Dussehra 2013 will be celebrated from 7th October to 15th October. Dasara in Mysore is the time for families and friends to have some real excitement and fun.

Mysore Dasara exhibition and procession

Mysore DasaraMysore Dasara exhibition starts around Dasara and continues for around two months selling varied kinds of stuff. Dasara festival in Mysore celebrations starts off with the puja performance of Goddess Chamundeshwari who has her abode on top of Chamundi Hills.  Mysore Dasara procession starts on the tenth day carrying the idol of Chamundeshwari in a golden howda.

Mysore Dasara celebrations

The Mysore palace gets brightly lit during the days of the festivities and colourful religious and cultural programs are performed in front of the palace. During Dasara, Mysore gets lit up with thousands of lights. The state festival of Dasara Mysore 2013 will be an amalgamation of music, dance, exhibition, flower and doll shows and a huge crowd enjoying the ethnic fanfare. Mysore Dasara photos of the grand procession as well as of the brightly illumined Mysore Palace get published. These Mysore Dasara pictures showcase the exhibition held for about two months in the Doddakere Maidan. The action-packed Mysore Dushera live can be watched through various local and regional channels. In the procession of Mysore Dasara, elephants, camels, horses along with folk singers and dancers occupy a special place.

Dasara Wishes

Dasara wishes pour in not only from various parts of the country but also from various other countries. People exchange happy Dasara wishes with one another through SMS, phone calls and greetings cards. Dasara 2013 wishes have already started pouring in as people are busily making preparations for the Dushera celebrations.

Dasara festival is famous for burning Ravana effigies symbolizing the end of evil. Elders send their Dasara blessings to the younger ones and wish them a life free from all evils. Dusherra greetings cards are exchanged. Sending Vijayadashami messages in the form of mobile SMS is extremely popular nowadays. Dussehra thoughts revolve round the concept of the victory of good over evil.

Dasara Wishes

May this Dasara,
light up for you.
The hopes of Happy times,
And dreams for a year full of smiles!
Wish you Happy Dasara.
*****Dasara Wishes*****

On this auspicious occasion,
I wish the color, bliss and beauty
of this festival
Be with you throught the year
Happy dasara!
*****Dasara Wishes*****

Long live the tradition of Hindu culture,
as the generations have passed by,
Hindu culture is getting stronger and stronger
lets keep it up.
Best Wishes for Dasara.
*****Dasara Wishes*****

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