Sunday, October 16, 2011

When is Boss Day

Boss day is on Wednesday, 16th October in the year 2013, on Thursday, 16th October in the year 2014 and on Friday, 16th October in the year 2015.

In case you are wondering what day is Boss Day, your wait has come to an end as October 16 is Boss’s Day’. Bosses Day is definitely a great occasion to express your gratitude for your boss’ contribution in your professional experience. Heartfelt wishes pour in for bosses from their employees and generally the more popular a boss is among his subordinates, the more appreciation and wishes he or she receives.

For employees, who are excitingly waiting for the Boss’ Day date to arrive, their wait is about to come to an end. To answer the query what day is boss’s appreciation day, October 16 is Boss’ Day.

Ideas for Boss Day

This year plan your Boss’ Day ahead with your colleagues if you want to give him/her a real surprise. Think of some innovative Boss’ Day ideas and it might be Boss’ Day funny ideas like arranging a funny indoor game in the office to a gala booze party.

Decorate the office ideas

For the special party on Bosses Day, you better roll up your sleeves and set to decorate the venue with personal touches. Colours papers, and nice lights, lots of candles and lanterns, balloons and streamers are all equally good in creating an absolute chilling party ambience. A delicious cake standing in the middle will be ultimate in creating a mood.

Arrange a party

Boss’ Day ideas for food should be absolutely the boss’ favourite items. The party should be definitely rounded off with a nice gift. It can be a theme party well planned with proper dress codes or it can a mad and wild party spun in fraction of a moment at a favourite haunt of your boss.

Boss’ Day ideas/Boss’ Day’ gifts ideas

Boss's Day is the ideal occasion when you can thank your boss for all that he/she has done for you. A funny Boss Day gift idea will be apt for giving him/her a laugh and will also act as a stress buster. Think of the Boss Day gift ideas after a careful consideration of his/her personal likes and dislikes. A book, jewellery, a lunch, or a special dish cooked especially by you for your boss can all be unique and meaningful. To add extra charm, keep the gift on your Boss’ table before he/she arrives.

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