Saturday, October 8, 2011

When is Dasara

Dasara/Dussehra 2013 falls on 14th October(Monday), on 4th October(Saturday) in the year 2014 and on 22nd October(Thursday) in the year 2015.

Like every other year, Dasara in 2013 shall also be celebrated with pomp and glory throughout India. According to the Dasara 2013 calendar, the tenth day of the moon is being celebrated as the Vijayadashami day. Dushera date 2013 marks the end of Navratri puja. The shukla paksha day of the ashwin month is the day of Dasara and it is a gazetted holiday in India. The preparations for the Dusherra 2013 are in full swing. Exhibitions and cultural programmes have already commenced in various parts of the country. The Dasara dates are declared on the basis of the Hindu calendar. Diwali 2013 date is on 3rd November, Sunday.

Conveying Dasara greeting to friends, family members, relatives and professional associates is a part of the Dasara rituals. Dasara cards carrying Dushera greetings are sold in large numbers in shops. Colourful and attractive Dasara greeting cards carry nice and sweet messages that can express your feelings on this festive occasion. Elders and young people hug each other, visit the houses of family and friends and convey happy Dasara greetings. Sending Dasara card is one way to make someone feel special during the festivities. In this technologically progressive age, sending Dusherra ecards has gained immense popularity. Happy Dasara cards are exchanged across the country borders.

Dasara Gifts

Festive seasons in India calls for the exclusive of giving and receiving gifts. Dasara celebrations are no exception. You can make sending and receiving of Dusherra gifts easier by initiating online gift exchange. Now you can send gifts to any part of India be it Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi or Bangalore from any corner of the world. For people who stay outside India in countries such as US, UK and Canada, sending gifts have now become a lot easier and faster. There are special Vijayadashami gift offers with discounted prices on a wide range of gift items. These are the latest Dasara/Dusherra gift ideas

  • Mobile Phones

  • Microwave Oven

  • Sarees

  • Fruits and Sweets

  • Greeting Cards

  • Jewellery

  • Handicraft Items

  • Gods and Goddesses Idols

  • Gift Hampers and Vouchers

  • Cakes

  • Fresh Flowers

  • Home D├ęcor Items

  • Dry Fruits

  • Electronic and gadgets

Hindus wish each other Happy Dasara on this occasion as they go about meeting and greeting each other in this one the most famous Hindu festivals of India. Dasara images of Ravana vadh are famous all over the world. Dasara photos of thousands of people assembled to watch the burning of the Ravana effigies are a common sight. Pictures of Dasara are published in the newspapers and magazines and posted in the websites.  Images of Dushera from various different states show the different ways how Indians celebrate Dasara or Vijayadasami.

Dusshera mela or Vijayadashami festival portray the great Indian heritage; and this mela is attended by thousands of foreign tourists every year. Pics of Dasara can also be seen in social networking sites such as Facebook and Orkut. For kids, pictures of Dusherra where Ravana gets burnt are use to teach them the difference between good and evil and the end results of each. Picture greeting cards are also available to wish each other. You can also download Dasara photos for posting them to your friends staying abroad. In the Indian capital of Delhi, people gather in thousands in the Ramlila Madan to watch Ravan dahan and the accompanying spellbinding fireworks.

To create the Dasara mood in your office or even at home, you can download Dasara wallpaper and set them in your desktop or even mobiles. Dasara wallpapers or Vijayadashami wallpapers depict the Durga puja scenes, the images of Durga Maa and also scenes from the epic battle between Rama and Ravana. Some Dasara wallpapers carry nice wallpaper messages that spread the joy and happiness of festivities all around. The colourful, attractive festive Dusherra wallpapers can be downloaded for free and nowadays downloading has also become easy and fast.

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