Sunday, October 23, 2011

When is Diwali

Diwali falls on 3rd November 2013 ( Sunday), on 23rd October 2014 (Thursday) and on 11th November 2015 (Wednesday).

The date of Diwali celebrations keep on changing from year to year. As the Diwali festival falls on the new moon day, the day depends on the position of the moon. Hindu festival calendar/ Panchang gives the exact date for Diwali 2012. Once you are certain when is Diwali this year 2012 you can start your preparations for the festival. The occasion of Happy Deepavali is celebrated by lighting up earthen lamps and diyas. The stories about Diwali are known to all young and old and to celebrate the day of the victory of good over evil, this Hindu festival sees a lot of fanfare all over the country.  Deepavali 2012 is in the month of Kartik, which has fallen in the month of October this year. To find out the significance of the Diwali celebrations and to know more on what is Diwali, read the Puranas and other Hindu mythologies. On the Diwali Day, Gods and Goddess such as Ganesh, Lakshmi and Kali are ardently worshipped. Diwali this year is on November 13. Choti Diwali date this year is on November 12.

Diwali Gifts

There is the age old tradition of exchanging gifts in almost all Indian festivals. When you are gifted you feel blessed as you bask in the glory of all the love and affection associated with the gift. As day progresses, the increasing commercialization is generating even better and wider choices of Diwali gift ideas. In the corporate world too the employees are gifted as an appreciation of the contribution that they have made all through the year. Newspapers, magazines, and websites come forth with unique Diwali gift ideas for employees each year. Diwali gift ideas for corporate might be personal use items but mostly they are utility items or delicacies. There are plenty of good options for Diwali gift ideas for kids, such as chocolates, dresses, toys, fire crackers or even delicious snacks boxes.

Diwali Greetings

On the sparkling festival of lights, the enthusiastic and eager rejoicers exchange Diwali greetings with all young and old. Wishing love, luck, and prosperity through Deepavali greetings or rather Diwali greetings cards is very common among all Hindus. Wish all your family members, relatives, friends, colleagues, and close ones through Diwali greeting messages. Deepavali festival is also the festival of diyas or earthen lamps, lights, candles, and fire crackers. Greetings for Diwali can be sent through many different ways:

  • For near and dear ones who are physically away this festive season, you can send Diwali e-cards

  • Also you can send customised flash Diwali greetings, as animated cards

All e-cards can be downloaded from websites encouraging downloading of free Diwali greetings. If you are staying in a particular region and want your cards to be customized to cater to the local lingo, you can also get that. For example, the people of Maharashtra can comfortably download printable e-cards in Marathi. There are also lovely ranges of happy Diwali greeting cards for kids available online.

Diwali Pictures

Diwali pictures depict the colours and forms of the Diwali festivities. Happy Diwali images such as the image of a diya, or gifts, or even delicious sweets, fire crackers, or smiling faces all serve to set the festive mood. Diwali photos of decorations or gods and goddess are kept even at the places in the house where the puja is performed. To catch the latest trends of Diwali celebrations, view the Diwali pics that have been recently posted by enthusiastic bloggers. The avid social networkers post colourful Deepavali pictures of celebrations on the networking websites and also a lot of Diwali photos of personal and family celebrations for all friends, relatives and associates to see. Diwali greetings pictures are more commonly found in the greeting cards that adorn the shops waiting to be bought.

Diwali Wallpapers

Download colourful Diwali wallpapers 2011, with varied themes. These wallpapers contribute greatly towards creating the festive mood for the occasion. Mostly they are happy Diwali wallpapers with bright pictures of Gods and Goddesses or rangoli, or diyas and firecrackers, or other beautiful Diwali decorations. These wallpapers can be downloaded straight from the websites for your mobile or computers. You can surprise your loved ones by selecting and downloading glossy and attractive Diwali desktop wallpapers for the festive occasion for mobiles or computers. Or you can also share the wallpapers that you have downloaded with your friends and colleagues.

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