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Christmas Crackers

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Introduction: What is a Christmas cracker?

Christmas crackers are sometimes also called bonbons and they are an integral part of Christmas celebrations. Christmas crackers are usually look very bright and attractive and resemble giant sweet wrappers. They contain cardboard tubes and are wrapped with bright decorative colored, gold, and silver papers. They are usually sold in boxes of three to twelve. The best Christmas crackers are the homemade Christmas crackers made from scratch or with the help of kits available in the market. One can also buy Christmas crackers online from eBay or Amazon. Buying is bulk at wholesale rates can get you cheap deals.

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History of Christmas crackers and who invented them

Christmas crackers are very popular in countries like United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Ireland, and New Zealand. It was invented by Thomas Smith in 1846. He was inspired by the sugar almond wrapped in tissue paper known as bon-bon that was sold in Paris. He started selling similarly wrapped sweets in England and noticed that it sold well only during Christmas. He later became innovative and started including a motto with the sweet. Thereafter, he tried the banger with two pieces of chemically impregnated paper, which when opened made a loud bang sound. And still later he added the paper hat concept.

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What is inside a Christmas cracker?

Christmas crackers usually contain small trinkets as gift, a paper crown and a joke written on a piece of paper. These gifts can be of varied types such as colored paper hat or cosmetic mirror, bottle opener, shoe horn, playing cards, small toys, plastic models, tools such as screw drivers, measuring tape, locks, etc. Christmas crackers filled with chocolate are children's all-time favorites.

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How to pull a cracker or how to use a Christmas cracker

Opening Christmas crackers is fun. When a cracker is pulled from both ends by two individuals, it breaks unevenly. These crackers contain chemically impregnated card strips. And so they split with a soft bang, pop or snap. It is usually customary to pull Christmas crackers during Christmas dinners or parties. There are two different rituals followed when it comes to claiming the contents of the cracker. In the first ritual, the person with the bigger portion of the cracker gets to keep the contents inside the tube. In another ritual, each person owns a cracker and after the cracker is broken, he/she gets the contents irrespective of who owns the bigger portion.

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Types of Christmas crackers

This Christmas make your own Christmas cracker and use innovative ideas by trying to exercise your own ideas. The making of usual Christmas cracker such as musical ones can be expensive but the novelty will add spice to the occasion.

8 x 12" Luxury Concerto Christmas Crackers

Christmas Festival

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