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Christmas Wreaths

Introduction and meaning of Christmas wreaths

The word ‘wreath’ has always been connected to wrist and is symbolical of a physical and never-ending continuous circular shape. This term owes its origin to Middle English word "wrethe" that means a twisted band or ring of leaves or flowers in a garland.

Wreaths have been symbolically associated with eternity or eternal life since ages. In ancient Rome this symbol of wreath was so powerful that the Romans decorated their surroundings with wreaths that signified victory. The origin of the custom of hanging wreaths on doors is believed to have come from this Roman tradition and belief.

Wreathes made of green plants weaved into symbolic circular shape stand for strength of life and victory over the unfriendly forces of winter. Wreaths were used as decorations during long dreary winters that served to bring life and color into the human lives.

You can buy beautiful handmade Christmas wreaths online and there are arrangements for same-day delivery in countries like UK, USA, and Canada. Wholesale rates can fetch you bulk discounts. Pictures of Christmas wreaths can be found in the catalogues the various websites present for you to choose before you order. The rich collection of Martha Stewart Christmas wreaths and other brilliant Christmas decoration ideas might make your head spin and leave you confused which to choose.

Christmas wreaths decorations are available in the local stores. For creative Christmas wreaths ideas and Christmas wreath crafts, ideas for kids, gift ideas, holiday recipes, and Christmas wreaths tips log on to the famous Martha Stewart site. Artificial Christmas wreaths are rapidly gaining popularity, especially in households having children and toddlers where chances of fresh wreaths getting spoilt are more common.

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Christmas wreaths history

The tradition and symbolism associated with Christmas wreathes is essentially Catholic. It is said that in the pre-Christian era the Germanic people lit candles along with wreathes in the cold and dark wintry months in the hope of warmth, spring and sunshine. Similarly, in Scandinavia people lighted candles around a wheel while offering their prayers to the god of light and warmth. In the Middle Ages, the Christians adapted this tradition as a part of Christmas celebrations.

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Types of Christmas Wreaths

There are various kinds of wreaths available, each one more beautiful that the other. For example, Advent wreaths, decorative or crafted wreaths, wreaths of dried flowers, evergreen or peacock feathers, eucalyptus wreaths, aromatic Christmas wreath, and even artificial Christmas wreaths are quite popular world over. Exclusive Christmas wreaths for windows and for doors are available to make your houses look extra pretty.

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Holly and the Christmas Wreath

In ancient times the Celtic people firmly believed in the protective and magical powers of Holly. Also according to Roman mythology holly is sacred to Saturn and also the Sun God and even the pagans worshipped holly. In modern Christmas celebrations, Holly has found its way into the decorations and is a part of traditional Christmas ritual in Christian homes. Such is the importance attached to Holly that legends describe the crown of thorns worn by Christ during His crucifixion is indeed a wreath of holly having white berries that have turned red with the blood of Christ.

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The Advent Wreath

The symbolism associated with the Advent wreath is very nice. The Advent wreath is made of evergreens, and signifies eternity. Among the evergreens, laurel signifies success over annoyance and suffering, pine, yew and holly signify immortality, and cedar is the symbol of strength and healing powers. The wreath of evergreens ultimately depicts the endurance of our soul the never-ending promises of life inherited from Christ, the saviour of mankind.

The four candles equate the four weeks of Advent, where each week stands for a thousand years time. There are three purple candles and one rose candle with four white candles, which are lit throughout the Christmas season. The Advent wreath is usually lit at dinner. Traditional prayer services using the Advent wreaths are also followed. The strong symbolism attached to the Advent wreathe revives our faith in the Lord. It also helps us in remembering the true meaning of Christmas.

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Christmas Festival

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