Monday, November 28, 2011

Upside Down Christmas Tree

Buy Upside Down Christmas Tree

Upside-down Christmas tree was basically introduced as a market gimmick and the concept had become quite popular for a short time. These beautifully decorated trees when hung upside down in retail stores serve to save floor space and also allow the customer to reach for the ornaments easily and conveniently. The different types of upside-down Christmas tree that are usually seen around are those that are fixed to the ceilings, or the stand-alone trees that are fixed at the base, or the half-trees fixed securely to the ceiling.

Buy Upside Down Christmas Tree

History of the tradition of upside-down Christmas tree

The history of the upside-down Christmas tree started off with the Pagan ritual of keeping branches of evergreen on the floor, windows and doors to keep away the evil spirits. This practice was followed by the Celts, the Romans, and the Vikings long before the age of Jesus Christ.

Buy Upside Down Christmas Tree

Upside-down Christmas tree meaning

This tradition of hanging upside down Christmas tree is believed to not only offer protection from the evil forces but is also believed to represent the Holy Trinity, the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost.

Buy Upside Down Christmas Tree

Benefits for having an upside-down Christmas tree

  • Similar to the pre-lit of unlit Christmas trees hung upside-down for sale from the ceiling in the shops, you can save your floor space in your apartment, especially if it is not big enough, by having one in your house this season.

  • These upside-down trees also allow ample space to pie up your Christmas gifts under the overhung tree

  • They can be positioned in corners in the apartments and will leave ample space for the other indoor fun activities.

  • There is always the danger for the children of the house to trip and fall or upset the Christmas trees if the tree stands somewhere centrally. Upside-down trees hung from ceiling might serve to avoid such accidents.

These obvious benefits of having an upside-down Christmas bolted from the ceiling are making the practice more and more popular.

Buy Upside Down Christmas Tree

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