Sunday, January 1, 2012

Chinese New Year Food

Food plays a major role in Chinese New Year celebrations. Each of the Chinese New Year food is associated with a specific symbolism. Among the most popular dishes in the Chinese New Year food list, there is the whole chicken that symbolizes family togetherness, noodles that symbolize long life, spring roll and clam representing wealth, grapes signifying abundance. Most of the foods acquire their symbolism from their shape and appearance. For example, clams get their association with wealth from their bouillon like shapes and spring rolls get their association with gold bars because of their shapes. Similarly, it is a Chinese tradition to prepare uncut noodles as Chinese people believe that cutting noodles bring bad luck. A popular Chinese New Year food tradition is to serve the lucky foods wrapped in lettuce wrap. Among the Chinese New Year food for kids the symbolical sweet and steamed cakes and the sticky rice cakes are widely liked. Chinese New Year food recipes be it Chinese dumplings, spring roll, Nian jao or the glutinous rice cake are very popular and are prepared in almost every household.

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