Sunday, January 1, 2012

Chinese New Year Traditions

Chinese New Year traditions start on the first day of the New Year with the New Moon and ends with the Full Moon. As per the Chinese New Year family traditions, food is cooked as a family affair and feast unites the members of the family. According to the Chinese New Year customs a religious ceremony is performed in the honor of the family ancestors. Chinese New Year traditions with all the dragon dances, lantern festivals, firecrackers, sumptuous feasts are especially attractive for kids of all ages. In the first day of the Chinese New Year traditions, the married members of the family hand over red envelopes to the junior members of the family, especially children and teenagers. Even bosses offer bonuses to their employees enclosed in red envelopes. The traditions based on Chinese New Year history mentions that the celebrations are based on the feelings of fear and mythical beliefs. Legend says the beast Nien returns at the end of each year to terrorize the villagers and the loud noise of the firecrackers scared the beast away. From then onwards, fireworks display forms an important part of the celebrations. Pictures of the celebrations of the traditions of Chinese New Year that are posted in various websites familiarize the people world over of the traditions of fireworks, red envelope, sacrificial dinner, decorations and lantern festival.

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