Monday, January 2, 2012

Funny New Year Resolutions

New Year resolutions shall be another attempt by people all over the world to get rid of any annoying habit that they might be having and also to fortify and strengthen their determination for various unfinished works or tasks at hand. The top New Year resolution such as saying no to smoking, resolving to exercise regularly, abstaining from alcohol, or resolving to spend more time with friends and family are all very popular. The funny New Year resolutions such as I will grow my hair (by a bald) or I resolve to work with neglected children (my own children) are extremely hilarious. It is a good way to start the coming year with some funny New Year’s resolutions quotes by famous people to make a smiling start to the New Year. The funny resolutions for New Year might be humorous to hear but they are very often serious in spirit. The famous New Year resolutions made by popular public figures often get more hype than their due share.

It is a common practice to enjoy in the New Year parties by cracking New Year resolution jokes. New Year resolution poems about how a person has ignored or failed to keep his/her resolutions the previous year or how the person has decided to stick to the resolutions the coming year are fun to read. Funny New Year resolutions quotes by Mark Twain, Brooks Atkinson, Bill Vaughn, James Agate, Charles Lamb, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, Chesterton are widely quoted in New Year’s greetings and handwritten notes.

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