Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year in French

In France as in the rest of the world December 31 known as la Saint-Sylvestre is celebrated with a grand feast. This feast in French is known as le Reveillon de Saint-Sylvestre and is celebrated through champagne and foi gras.   This feast is accompanied by an intimate dance and is usually an private dinner with immediate relations, family members, and close friends. While learning how to say Happy New Year in French, you might adapt the more classical way of expression through bonne annee, bonne santé. The simplest way of wishing Happy New Year in French language is to say just Bonne annee. When directly translated, while expressing Happy New Year in French translation, the word new in English greeting of Happy New Year becomes redundant and it is enough to say just bonne annee. Bonne santé in English means good health and is a polite and welcome addition to the core bonne annee. It is a nice thought to add bonne sante and as it rhymes with bonne annee, it also gives the whole phrase a rhyming elegance.

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