Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year in Hebrew

Happy New Year in Hebrew is actually the Jewish New Year or Rosh Hashanah and occurs in autumn. Happy New Year in Hebrew language is written as L’Shannah Tovah. It is also the first of the High Holy days. Happy New Year in Hebrew letters of Rosh Hashanah literally means “head of the year”. An important custom of Rosh Hashanah is consuming symbolic foods such as apple dipped in honey that signifies a sweet New Year and also the head of fish that signifies the head of the year. Animal sacrifice forms an important part of the rituals. The Jewish New year symbolically refers to the Day of Judgment and occurs 163 days after the first day of Passover. The Jewish calendar is essentially based on the lunar cycle and since the fourth century never falls on Wednesday, Friday, or Sunday.

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