Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year in Italian

For people those who are wondering how to say Happy New Year in Italian, Felice anno nuovo is the most common expression. The adjective ‘felice’ literally means happy while the masculine gender noun ‘anno’ means year while the masculine adjective ‘nuovo’ actually refers to ‘new’. As people enjoy New Year in the traditional manner in places such as Venice, Naples, Rome and Florence by gifting each other, they also celebrate by holding private and public functions and gatherings and greeting each other Happy New Year in Italian language. The preparations for the New Year in Italy start off with decorating the houses and the work places. The Italians also wear new clothes and while exchanging gifts they spend a lot of efforts in choosing the best gift for their near and dear ones. As per Italian traditions, honey represents sweetness and also peace while gold and other precious metals are believed to bring prosperity and lamps represent light and brightness all through the New Year.

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