Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year in Japanese

Happy New Year in Japanese language is written as Akimashite Omedetto Gozaimasu. While teaching how to say Happy New Year in Japanese it should be noted that Happy New Year in Japanese English can be written in various other ways such as Shinnen omedetou gozaimasu, or Kinga shinnen, or even Kyouga shinnen, Gashou, Geishun, and also Tsutsushinde shinnen no oyorokobi o moushiagemasu. Surprisingly, all these expressions essentially mean Happy New Year. You can use any of these expressions to convey your wishes in Japanese via greetings cards. These are some very common modes of wishes on the occasion of New Year. There can be seen a cleaning spree everywhere to welcome the New Year with a fresh mind. There is also the tradition of gifting each other, be it superiors, relatives, friends, colleagues, business associates, or family members. People decorate the entrances in a ritualistic fashion, and also give special allowances to the kids be it their own sons and daughters, nephews or nieces. On the occasion of New Year, the Japanese people also exchange a lot of greetings cards and gather in shrines all over Japan to pray.

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