Friday, January 6, 2012

Lohri Recipes

Lohri is fast approaching and so the mouth-watering recipes of Lohri are once again in vogue to tease the taste buds. The recipes of some of these traditional Punjabi dishes have been passed down through generations and are being enjoyed equally by young and old. Among the most popular Lohri recipes dishes are wheat laddoo, til papdi, Ganee ki kheer, peanut gajak, coconut chikki, atta ki laddoo, sugarcane kheer, til gajak, pinnie, aloo palak, aloo pakoda, palak pakoda, aloo gobi curry, sarson ka saag, kheer, makke ki roti, gobi parantha, and paneer butter masala.

To have a clear picture of the process of preparing the dishes, you can closely observe the method by looking at the Lohri recipes videos of preparation. Innovative recipes for Lohri of dishes such as kurmure laddoo with puffed rice, jiggery, roasted peanuts, and coconut flakes or the dry fruit chikki or even the shengdana chikki or the bajra khichdi prepared with bajra and yellow moong dal are also widely prepared in every household. Lohri food prepared with love and affection and served on the Lohri day is enjoyed by all members of the family and poses as the main attraction of the festivities.

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