Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Eve Recipes

New Year is a fun time and the time for eating drinking and making merry. A lot of delicious New Year recipes are cooked in every household and served in family gatherings. The New Year's Eve appetizer recipes are different for different regions, countries and customs. For example, the most popular dishes served for New Year's Eve menus in USA are blue crab cake, stuffed lobster, black truffle fillet mignon, stuffed Asiago Basil mushrooms, hot wing dip, and appetizer puffs and meatballs. Some of the exotic
New Year's Eve menu ideas are marinated shrimps, scalloped oysters, tortellini appetizers, layered blue cheese spread. Special New Year's eve recipes for kids are not only prepared at home but also served in the popular restaurants. Some special vegetarian New Year's Eve recipes are served to attract the vegetarians. Some popular and easy New Year's Eve recipes are skillet cornbread, seasoned mustard greens, spicy black-eyed peas, rice, and peach cake. Some special Chinese New Year party recipes are oriental plate of chicken liver, cream cheese and spices, jiaozi dumplings, Peking duck, mandarin pancakes, green onion brushes, sweet and sour prawns or shrimps, cold sesame noodles, crispy orange beef, Kung Pao chicken, sweet red bean dessert soup, and last but not the least Chinese tea.

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