Monday, February 20, 2012

10 Most Beautiful Shiva Wallpapers

The most beautiful Shiva wallpapers or wallpapers depicting Lord Shiva and Parvati are extremely popular and come with beautiful imagery and colourful background. The amazing collection of full-screen wallpapers bring out the love between Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. There are innumerable interesting mythological stories based on the marriage of Shiva and Parvati or on how Parvati created Lord Ganesha, the most beloved of all Hindu Gods.

It is a common Hindu custom to keep photos and idols of Gods and Goddesses in houses to seek continuous blessings. With technological progress and laptops and computers within the reach of millions of Indians, downloading and saving images of Gods and Goddesses in one’s computer has become a common practice. You can download thousands of different beautiful wallpapers very easily by just right clicking on the image and choosing the option ‘set as desktop’ you can have them as your wallpaper. You can download Shiva Parvati wallpapers very easily as they available in plenty through just a click of a button and can also rate these wallpapers that create and define their popularity.

These wallpapers speaks gloriously about the strong bonding of Hindus with religion and take the tradition of the Hindu practice of idol worship to a new level. These wallpapers are also downloaded in huge numbers for mobile phones, iPhone, and iPads.

Shiva is one of the three Trinity of Hindu Gods along with Brahma and Vishnu, also known as the Destroyer of evil and sorrow. He is one of the Supreme Gods in Hindu religion. Worshipped in the form of Shiva Lingam, people all over the world worship Shiva by pouring water, milk on the Shiva Lingam as well as offering flowers, fruits, chandan tilak etc. Shiva also known as Shankar has three eyes, often called as "tri-netra". God Shiva is married to Parvati, also known by the name "Gauri". They have sons "Ganesh" and "Kartikeya" and one daughter "Mansa Devi". Shiva is also known by the names of "Mahesh", "Mahadeva", "Shambhu", "Tripurari"Mahashivratri is the festival dedicated to Lord Shiva. These are some of the lovely and beautiful wallpapers of Shiva:


Shiva Wallpaper in Blue

Shiva Wallpapers

Source : Devianart

Lord Shiva Meditating Wallpaper

lord shiva wallpaper

Source: Flickr

Gauri Shankar Wallpaper

gauri shankar wallpaper

Source: Hindugodwallpaper

Shiva as Amarnath

amarnath pictures

Source: Godwallpapers

Beautiful Gauri Shankar Wallpaper

gauri shankar images

Source: Hindugodwallpaper

Lord Shiva at Rishikesh

shiva rishikesh

Source: Flickr

Shiva Temple Bangalore

shiva temple bangalore

Source: Flickr

Another Beautiful Gauri Shankar Wallpaper

gauri shankar photos

Source: Godwallpapers

Shiva Artistic Wallpaper

shiva wallpaper

Source: Hindugodwallpaper

Shiva Parvati with Ganesh Wallpaper

shiva wallpaper hd

Source: Godwallpapers


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