Monday, April 16, 2012

Youtube Hindi Songs

YouTube is basically a video sharing website where anybody can upload, view and share videos. YouTube showcases a huge variety of videos, be it movie songs, clippings from TV programs, or self-made videos on any activity such as cooking, or demonstration of any skills, amateurish effort at singing or dancing. Unregistered users can view unlimited videos on any topic while registered users can upload unlimited number of videos on the website.

YouTube was founded by PayPal colleagues Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim. YouTube is also known for free streaming of certain contents, for example, cricket matches of Indian Premier League. To watch videos on YouTube you need to have an Adobe Flash Player plug-in installed in your browser. Videos of immense length going up to 12 hours can be uploaded if you have the permission. This permission can be availed by those who have a good track record of complying with the norms of uploading videos. Generally, a cut off limit of 15 mins is what is practiced.

There are old hindi movie songs and new hindi monvie songs, some are classics and will always be evergreen. Hindi Cinema has evolved in the recent years, there are almost double production of Indian movies in a year as compared to Hollywood. Very talented artists from all over the country work for hours to not only make a living but also make a mark in the minds of Indian viewers and audiences the world over.

No doubt, Indian films are watched by an enormously impressive audience globally. Youtube, the Google owned video site is the number 1 video website in the world and with its great share of the market, people are stuck to watching video of Hindi films, youtube hindi songs are a great attraction to the young. Nowadays, the movie production companies themselves upload the old hindi movies and old hindi songs as well as new hindi movies and new hindi songs on YouTube through their original channels. So, Youtube is now a great platform for the passionate lovers of Youtube Hindi Songs. The tremendous viewership of Hindi movie songs and Youtube Hindi songs is a proof of the fact that Hindi movie songs are being loved and watched globally.

Youtube hindi songs for 2012 are also available in HD format. Old is gold collection is not far behind in terms of viewership. There is a great demand from viewers to listen and see the colourful bollywood songs of the yesteryears. Recently, Chikni Chameli song and Kolaveri Di songs have stormed the nation. Youtube Hindi songs of 1990 are a treat to watch as that was the time when hindi film industry or bollywood was evolving to a great extent. Youtube hindi songs for 2011 are given herewith. We will keep updating this page with more hits Youtube hindi songs.

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