Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DDA Rohini Scheme 1981 Draw Result 2012

DDA or Delhi Development Authority was created in 1957. It was an effort to promote and secure the overall development of Delhi. It was through the constant effort of DDA that the capital has become the home of more than 11 million people by choice. And the number is increasing with each passing day. Delhi had become the focus or the centre of attention when under the British rule the capital was shifted from Kolkata to Delhi in 1911. Since then the city has been expanding at an amazing rate. But initially it was noticed that the expansion was happening in a haphazard manner. To put an immediate check to this unplanned expansion, a single planning and controlling authority was proposed and Delhi Development (Provisional) Authority (DDPA) was established.

Later on 1957, December 30 Delhi Development Authority acquired its present status. It is currently the ninth builder of the capital of Delhi. It has a huge team of town planners and continuously prepares plans, policies and proposals for systematic development of Delhi. DDA constructs houses in Delhi as per requirement and also keeps an eye on the purchasing capacity of the people.

DDA Rohini Scheme 1981 Latest News - Delhi Development Authority (DDA) held the draw for Rohini residential scheme, 1981 on 12th June, Tuesday in the evening. This allotment was a 3 decade long pending with the DDA and under the directions of the honourable Delhi high court, this draw for DDA Delhi Rohini Scheme 1981 was held as 13th June was the deadline set by the Delhi High Court. 82,384 applicants had been waiting for the DDA Rohini Scheme 1981 Draw Result.

Out of the 25,000 plots that were taken for draw results, 4,402 plots have been alloted to persons of economically weaker section (EWS), 12,350 to lower income group occupants (LIG) & 7,777 alloted to middle income group (MIG). The DDA Rohini Scheme 1981 Draw Result 2012 was held for allotment of plots in sector 32, 34 and 37 in Rohini of 26-60 sq.mtrs area.

DDA officials said that the applicants credentials would be verified and checked again. DDA Rohini Scheme 1981 Draw Result for EWS(Janta), DDA Rohini Scheme 1981 Draw Result for MIG, DDA Rohini Scheme 1981 Draw Result for LIG, DDA Rohini Scheme 1981 waiting list, priority list and status can be checked online on the official website of DDA - DDA Rohini Scheme 1981 Draw Result


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