Friday, October 26, 2012

Lohri 2016 Greetings, Wallpapers

Lohri Greetings 2016

During the Lohri festive days, people send each other happy Lohri greetings through Lohri greetings cards and e-mail wishes. Friends reach out to maximum number of people through Lohri greetings in Orkut and Facebook. Ever since mobile phones have gained popularity, the practice of sending Lohri greetings through SMS have also increased manifold. Sending Lohri greetings messages is very important for people who are staying away from their loved ones and at the same time are eager to reach out to the close ones. Colorful and musical Lohri ecards with nice innovative messages are sent to people to reach out to them all across the globe. Animated happy Lohri cards are especially popular among all ages. A lot of enthusiasm is seen among people as they download happy Lohri wallpapers and send Lohri greeting cards online.

From among the rich collection of Lohri greeting cards images, you can select your own and customize it according to your relation to the person you are sending the card. Some Lohri greeting cards are available free on website for free download or for printing. Now downloading and sending Lohri cards has become very easy and fast and most of the sites are quite reliable.

Lohri Wallpapers 2016

The colorful wallpapers for Lohri brighten the spirits of Lohri and emanate a happy feeling all around. Enjoy the Lohri wallpapers free download from various sites for your desktop and laptop and even for your mobiles. Lohri wallpapers quotes are also sent across to friends and family members on this happy occasion. For the latest of the Lohri SMS, Lohri quotes, Lohri pictures and images of celebrations visit the various sites featuring the great Indian festivals of India.

The vibrant pics show the people enjoying around the Lohri bonfire, singing traditional Lohri songs and throwing peanuts, rewri and puffed rice into the Lohri bonfire. The intensely cold winter evening of Lohri with all the singing and dancing around the bonfire and the wishes and the anticipation of a happy and prosperous year ahead all mingle with the brightness of the Lohri wallpapers to produce the festive joy.