Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Best April Fool Quotes 2017

April Fool Quotes SMS, Best April Fool Quotes 2017

April Fool Quotations
When Things Go Wrong
When Sadness Fills Your Heart
When Tears Flow In Your Eyes
Always Remember 3 Things
1) I Am With You
2) You Have Money
3) Bar Is Open, Lets Go.
Happy April Fool’s Day

Romantic April Fool Quotes
True Love Is Like A Pillow, You Can Hug When You Are In Trouble,
You Can Cry When You Are In Pain & You Can Embrace When You Are Happy.
So When You Need True Love Spend 100 Bucks And Buy A Pillow.

April Fool Quotes Sayings
When I Call U:
1 Ring Means : I Am Missing You
2 Ring Means : I Like U
3 Ring Means : I Am Thinking Of U
4 Ring Means : I Need U
5 Ring Means : Idiot Pick Up The Phone.

April Fool Quotes Sms
If Today Anyone Talks & Admires You For Your
-Good Looks
Kick Him/Her Off.
How Dare He/She Fool You Before April 1st.

April Fool Status Quotes In Hindi
Class Ki Har Ladki Ek Phool Hai,
Usse Chahna Ek Bhool Hai.
Jo Inki Soch Mein Gul Hai,
Samjho Uske Fail Hone Ke Chances Full Hain.

April Fool Short Quotes
Your Girlfriend Is:
In Short She Is Your S.I.S.T.E.R.

April Fools Quotes Of The Day
I May Forget To Wish You On Holi, Diwali, Durga Puja Or Even New Year's Day.
But I Am Very Thankful To God That I Remember And Wish You On A Very Special Day Meant For People Like You.
Happy April Fool!

The Best April Fool Quotes
Dear Ms Beautifool,
U Are So Wonderfool, Gracefool, Playfool, Powerfool And Faithfool.
Earlier U Were Really Respectfool & Had A Colorfool Nature. But Off Late,
U Have Been Painfool And Not So Peacefool. I Wish U Were Carefool & Helpfool.

April Fool

Santa Banta April Fool Quotes 2017
Santa Got Into A Bus On 1st April 2017
When Conductor Asked For Ticket.
He Gave Rs.20/-
And Took The Ticket And Said April Fool.
I Have Pass

April Fool Shayari
In Hasino Se Rasme Wafa
Or Dil Lagana Sarasar Bhool Hai
Jis Din Ye Ikrar Karen Mohabbat Ka,
Samajh Lena Us Din April Fool Hai

April Fool Wishes Quotes
Best Relationships Needs No Promises, No Demands And No Expectations... It Just Needs Two People.
One Fool Like You;
And One Cool Like Me.
Happy April Fool!

April Fools Quotes By Mark Twain
This Is The Day Upon Which We Are Reminded Of What We Are On The Other Three Hundred And Sixty-Four. ~ Mark Twain
Happy April Fool!

Witty April Fool Quotes
Fact 1: You Can Not Touch
Your Both Lips With Your Tongue

Fact 2: After Reading This,
99/100 Idiots Would Try It

1st April Quotes
A - U R Attractive
B - U R The Best
C - U R Cute
D - U R Dear 2 Me
E - U R Excellent
F - U R Funny
G - U R Good-Looking
H - Hehehe
I - I'm
J – Joking

1st April Fool Quotes
This Cat, Is Cat, A Cat, Good Cat, Way Cat
To Cat, Keep Cat, An Cat, Idiot Cat, Busy Cat

For Cat, 20 Cat, Seconds Cat!
Now Read It Without The Word Cat.

April Fools Work Quotes
Plz Open This
After 1 Day At Wednesday.

I Know U Can Not Wait.
So Congratz.
You Are Hte 1st Fool.
April Fool In Advance

1st April Funny Quotes
In Your Life, When You Wake Up & Don’t See Any One, Then Come To Me, I’ll Be There To Hold Ur Hand & Take You To The Eye Specialist

1st April 2017
U Will Be A Rose For All Trees
U Will Be A Smile
For All Faces
U Will Be Water Falls For All Hills
U Will Be A Brother
For All Cute Girls .

1st April Quotes
If Today Any 1 Talks & Praises U 4 Ur
1) Gud Looks
2 ) Nature
3 ) Style
4 ) Attitude,
Kick Them Off.
How Dare They Fool U Before April 1st.