Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Tricks For April Fool 2017

April Fool Sms For Friends, April Fool Funny Sms, Tricks For April Fool 2017

April Fool Sms For Friends
Beautifool , Wonderfool And Colorfool, Amongst All Fools, ~ ~ Happy Fools Day 2017 ~
Also In Advance Buddy Happy Fools Day 2017 ~ ~ Oho Oho My Cutie Sweetie Friend Bura
Maan Gaye Kaya Accha Baba For Next Upcoming 10 Years Advance Me Happy Fools Day, Happy Fools Day 2017..........................Happy Fools Day 2025. Ab Kush Ho Na.....No 1 Can Dare To Be Great Føøl Like U

April Fool Urdu Shayari
In Hasino Se Rasme Wafa
Or Dil Lagana Sarasar Bhool Hai
Jis Din Ye Ikrar Karen Mohabbat Ka,
Samajh Lena Us Din April Fool Hai

April Fool Funny Sms
This Cat, Is Cat, A Cat, Good Cat, Way Cat, To Cat, Keep Cat, An Cat, Idiot Cat, Busy Cat, For Cat,20 Cat, Seconds Cat !... Now Read It Without The Word Cat.

Aprilfool Sms In Advance
31st March Or 1st April
Fool Is Fool Dosnt Matter.
Wishing Very Happy, Prosperous And Joyful
Fool Day To The King Of Fools.

April Fool Sms Message
Please Call Me Urgent..





Janab Message To Pura Padh Liya Kro. Pata Nhi Kon Kub Pahle April Fool Bana De.

Happy April Fool Sms
Storms Die;
Songs Fade;
Flowers Wither;
Misfortune Ends;
Great Parties Finish.
But People Like You Remain Forever... Because Ghosts Never Die!
Happy April Fool!

Very Funny April Fool Sms
What Is Common B/W Fools And Smart Persons?
Smart Compose The Message For Fools To Circulate.
Happy April Fool’s Day 2017

April Fool Day Sms
Warning ! ! !

This Is A Virus . . .

When You Turn Your Phone Off It Won't Work Again

April Fool Sms Funny
I Am Your Girlfriend:
In Short I Am Your S.I.S.T.E.R.

April Fool Greeting Sms In Advance
I Want You To Sit Back In Ease, Relax And Enjoy Your Day. That’s Why Sending This Message A Day Before… ;) Happy Fools’ Day.

April Fool Sms Jokes
If U Don’t Mind
If U Don’t Feel Bad
If Don’t Hesitate
Give Me A






Kissan Jam Bottle
Happy April Fool Day

April Fools Day Love Sms
You Are One Of The Most Cute Persons In The World!!
Just A Second, Dont Misunderstand. Cute Means: Creating Useless Troubles Everywhere..

April Fool Sms Messages
For Pepsi "Shahrukh" For Coke "Aamir"
For Mirinda "Vivek"
For Fanta "Rani"
& For Thums Up "Akshay"
Don't Worry
For Bante Wala Soda "You"
Cheers !!

April Fool Funny Whatsapp Sms
Ulfat Ke Darap Pe Furakat Ka Yu Sharmana
Ulfat Ke Darap Pe Furkat Ka Yu Sharmana
Uper Vali Lines Samajh Me Aa Jaye To Mujhe Zaror Batana :)

1st April Sms
You Are 25% Fantastic
You Are 25% Fantastic,
You Are 25% Outstanding,
You Are 25% Obedient,
You Are 25% Loving,
In Short You Are 100% Fool.

April Fool Messages For Girlfriend
Last Night, I Had A Nightmare About An Impending Danger; And A Wise Man Advised Me To Message To The First Person Who Came To My Mind For Warding Off The Evil.
Thanks For Being My Savoiur!
And Why Only You? Because I Was Told That The Person Should Be A Lunatic.
And By The Way, Happy April Fool!

April Fool Sms For Girlfriend
If People Talk About Your Beauty, Your Power, Your Wisdom Or Your Smartness, Then Just Give Them A Tight Slap...
How Dare They Fool You In Advance!
Happy April Fool!

Sweet April Fool Messages
Fact1: You Can Not Touch Your Lower Lip With Your Tongue...
Fact2: After Reading This, 99/100 Idiots Would Try It.

Advance April Fool Messages
A Study Has Proved That All Fools Use Their Thumb While Reading A Sms.
Now Its Too Late Dont Try To Change Ur Finger! Catch Another Fool!

Happy April Fools Day Message
Just Close Ur Eyes And
Think Of Urself For 10 Seconds.
Now Open Ur Eyes.
Now U Will Realize That You Have Wasted 10 Seconds Thinking Of A Fool.
Happy April Fools Day..!