Wednesday, August 19, 2015

How to Easily Use Madad Portal India - NRI Register and Track Grievance

Madad Portal India 2016

MADAD portal is an online portal whereby Indian citizens living abroad will be able to file consular grievances online. This e-portal will address such level of complaints promptly with a high degree of "accountability". "Madad" is an Hindi word which means "Help". Launched by External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj at the Ministry of External Affairs or MEA headquarters in Delhi. This Madad portal is a grievance monitoring facility by the Govt. of India that would enhance "accessibility" for people and will have greater "accountability and responsibility" on the officials.

Madad is designed to handle complaints with speed, improve tracking and redressal of complaints and further it helps in bringing down the number of unresolved cases. After a complaint is registered online, the complainant can log in and file his or her complaints, and the system would save the entire history of that grievance. The authorities can view these complaints via a colour-coded dashboard that would change the colour on its own if the response in not given in a stipulated time period by the authorities. This Madad portal would act as a deterrent for officials and they would respond with greater accountability which in turn would benefit common people.

The colour code system will work on red-amber-green pattern, meaning missions performing well in redressing grievances would be 'green' in colour, while pending cases would show in 'red colour'. This pilot project of  consular grievances "Madad" is available in seven countries, the six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, among others, and Malaysia. The Madad logo represents the image of two persons holding hands, side by side, forming, the letter 'M' of the 'Madad', written in blue, and the tagline is 'Because You Are Us'. Though it is interesting to know that the logo and tagline for 'Madad' was selected through online competition held on India's Govt. portal The Madad portal is designed by Tata Consultancy Services.

If you are new to the Grievances Monitoring System (MADAD), you have to register first. Register in this Madad portal by giving details such as Name, Surname, Date of Birth, Mobile Number, Email Id, your Preferred Login Id and Password, Hint Question and Hint Answer.

Then you need to Click on "Activation" link sent in email (or OTP sent in SMS to Indian Mobile Holders) to activate the account.

Log in to the Consular Grievances Monitoring System (MADAD) with your chosen userid and password.

Click on "Register Grievances" link to fill details of your grievances.

Grievances regarding Compensation, Court Case, Domestic Help, Imprisoned abroad, Transportation of Mortal Remains, Repatriation, Salary Dues, Tracing the Whereabouts are to be lodged.
Grievance/queries with regard to visa and passport, emergency travel documents, attestation of documents will not be entertained in this portal. Matters relating to following subjects should be referred to Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (
-recruiting agents
-marital disputes
-education related issues

Click on "Track Grievances Status" link to view latest status and processing done on your grievance.

To monitor status of your grievance:

    Go to 'Consular Services' and click on 'Log and Track Grievances'.
    Visit the Consular Grievances Monitoring System by clicking on 'click here'.
    Enter your 'Login Id' and click 'Continue'.
    Enter the 'Password' and the 'Captcha' (Security Code) then click 'Login' button.
    Select 'Track Grievance Status' and follow either of the two steps:
        Enter either of the following information:
        1. Grievance ID
        2. Passport No.
        3. Email Id
        Click 'Submit' button.
        From the list of grievances provided, select any of the grievance by clicking on the radio button provided on the left and then clicking 'View Grievance'.

Details of the grievance will be displayed on screen.