Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Rose Day Quotes for Love 2016

Rose Day 2016 Quotes for Love

Rose Day Celebrated On 7th February Every Year By Youngsters All Over The World. This Year Also, Rose Day 2016 Is On 7th Feb And The Young Couples And Friends Will Offer Bunch Of Roses, Bouquets Etc. To Their Loved Ones Especially The Lovers And Friends To Represent True Love Between Them. The Rose Day Is Not Just To Offer Roses To Your Loved Ones But Other Gift Items Like Chocolates, Greeting Cards Should Also Be Presented To The Loved Ones. If You Are Looking For Romantic Love SMS On Rose Day, You Have Come To The Right Place. We Offer Here Lots Of Rose Day Sms Messages, Rose Day Beautiful Quotes For Friends, Quotes For Husband And Wife On Rose Day Etc. Good Luck To You On The Rose Day In The Valentine Week 2016. Happy Rose Day!

Funny Rose Day Sms
You Are Responsible, Forever, For What You Have Tamed. You Are Responsible For Your Rose. By ~ Antoine De Saint-Exupery

Rose Day Quotes For Facebook
Love Can Be Expressed In Many Ways.One Way I Know Is To Send It Across The Distance.......

Rose Day Quotes For Husband
Hi Dear, Wish You A Very Happy Rose Day,
I Am Here With Red Roses To Let You Know,
How I Love You,
How I Care You,
And Would Always Be For You…
Happy Rose Day 2016…..

Happy Rose Day Quotes For Friends
I Know That True Love Is Full Of Lots Of Thorns
So What Roses Are Also Blooms Among Thorns
I Want To Love You Ever And Every Single Moment Of My Life,
Just Like Roses, They Always Spread Their Fragrance To All.
Happy Rose Day…..

Sad Rose Day Quotes
“Take Away Love And Our Earth Is A Tomb.”
Robert Browning

Rose Day Romantic Quotes
“Love Makes Your Soul Crawl Out From Its Hiding Place.”
Zora Neale Hurston

Rose Day Quotes To Girlfriend
“Love Is A Game That Two Can Play And Both Win.”
Eva Gabor

Happy Rose Day Wishes
"My Rose Is Red Ur Eyes Are, Blue, You Love Me And I Love,
U... 24 Hours Makes A Lovely Day, And Knowing A Person,
Like Me Will Ur Life Lovely, Have A Lovely Rose Day."

Happy Rose Day Quotes To Friends
“Without Love, The Rich And Poor Live In The Same House.”

Best Rose Day Wishes
How Could I Have Lived All These Years Without You?
My Life Is Divided Into Two Parts,
Before And After I Met You.
My Life Changed For The Better
After You Entered It And I Thank God For You.
With Love, Happy Rose Day

Happy Rose Day Wishes Sms
“We Don’t Believe In Rheumatism And True Love Until After The First Attack.”
Marie Ebner Von Eschenback, Aporism

Romantic Rose Day Wishes
“I Love Thee – I Love Thee,
‘Tis All That I Can Say
It Is My Vision In The Night,
My Dreaming In The Day.”
Thomas Hood

Happy Rose Day Wishes For Girlfriend
"If Love Were What The Rose Is & I Were Like The Leaf,Our Lives Would Grow Together In Sad Or Singing Weather."

Rose Day Messages For Her
Give Her Two Red Roses,Each With A Note.The First Note Says "For The Woman I Love", And The Second, "For My Best Friend".

Rose Day Messages For Facebook
Rose, A Flower That Shows Us That The World Is Full Of
Love, Friendship, Happiness, Affection, Peace.
Here I Present It To You To Say, I Like You.

Rose Day Messages For Whatsapp
I Will Always Keep Falling In Love
With You Because You Surprise Me;
Just Like A Rose Among Thorns,
You Always Stand Among Many.
Your Beauty On The Inside And Outside
Always Takes My Breath Away.
Happy Rose Day.

Rose Day Wishes For Friends
R Is For Rose
Rose Is For Red
Red Is For Blood
Blood Is For Heart
Heart Is For Love
Love Is For You
U Are My Lovable Friend
Happy Rose Day!

Happy Rose Day Sms Hot
If Roses Were Black And Violets Were Brown
My Love For You Would Never Be Found
However Roses R Red And Violets Are Blue
All I Wish To Say Is I LUV U!
“Happy Rose Day”

Happy Rose Day Sms For Friends
There Is Something About
U, The Way U Walk, The Way
U Talk, The Way U Smile,
And The Way U Look At
Me, Makes Me Crazy
Everytime. Happy Rose Day.

Rose Day Wishes For Husband
Happy Rose Day My Love, I
Love U, May Our Life Will
Full Wid All Glamour And
Happiness Without Any Thorn.
Wishing U Happy Rose Day

Happy Rose Day Messages For Boyfriend
Be Soft As Flower
Be Strong As Rock
Be Nice As Me I Know Its Difficult
But Just Keep Trying
Be Fresh As Rose.
Happy Rose Day

Rose Day Card Quotes 2016
“Flowers Are Very Soft,
Don’t Touch Them With Hard Hands.
Similarly Feelings Are So Soft Like Flowers,
Don’t Touch Them With Harsh Words.
~Happy Rose Day 2016~”

Quotes Abt Rose Day
Happy Rose Day, Dear.!!
To Fill Your Day With A Romantic Moments,
I Present You This Bunch Of Roses
On This Rose Day!!

Awesome Rose Day Quotes Messages
You Are More Beautiful Than Roses,
You Are So Precious For Me Than Diamonds,
You Are Like My Heart Beats Who Beats Within Me,
And May Stop Anytime When You Want.
Happy Rose Day…

Rose Day Quotes For Someone Special
A Completely Bloomed Rose Teaches Us To Smile,
A True Love Teaches Us To Sacrifice,
But A True Friendship Teaches Us To Always Give,
Without Expectations.
Happy Rose Day….

Funny Rose Day Quotes 2016
“If Love Is Blind, Why Is Lingerie So Popular?”

7 Feb Rose Day Sms
“Who, Being Loved, Is Poor?”
Oscar Wilde

Rose Day Messages For Boyfriend
“In Melody Divine,
My Heart It Beats To Rapturous Love,
I Long To Call You Mine.”

Rose Day Messages For Husband
"Every Bird Cannot Dance But Peacock Do It ,
Every Friend Cannot Reach My Heart But U Did It,
Every Flower Cannot Express Love But Rose Do It,
Happy Rose Day."

Rose Day Messages For Sister
My Love, You Are Lovely And
Full Of Enchantment Like Red Roses.
I Will Always Treasure You And My Love
For You Will Always Be As Pure As Fresh Roses.
Happy Rose Day My Lovely Sister

Quotes On Rose Day For Singles
As Days Pass, My Feelings Get More Powerful,
To Be In Your Arms, I Cannot Wait Any Longer.
Look Into My Eyes & & You’ll See That It’s True,
Day & & Night My Idea R For U.
Happy Rose Day.

Quotes On Rose Day For Boyfriend
Any 1 Can Love A Rose.
But No 1 Will Love A Leaf That.
Made The Rose.
Dont Love Some One Who Is Beautiful
But Love The One Who Can Make Ur Life Beautiful.
Happy Rose Day

Rose Day Quotes For Him
With This Rose, I Reveal All My
Thoughts And Feelings About You
That I Have Withheld For So Long.
I Feel When I Am With You… I Am Like A Rose,
Not Because Of It?S Beauty,
But Because I Am Able To Bloom And Grow With You…
Happy Rose Day

Rose Day Lovers Quotes By Shakespeare
Roses Are Red,
Violets Are Blue,
Sugar Is Sweet,
And So Lovely Are You.
Miss You…
This Bud Of Love By Summer’s Ripening Breat,
May Prove A Beauteous Flower When Next We Meet.
- William Shakespeare.