Monday, August 21, 2017

All you need to know about PAN Migration Process

All you need to know about PAN Migration Process

Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a unique number which has date of birth, name, permanent address and an unique PAN number assigned to an individual. The 10-digit alphanumeric PAN number is used to link all of an individual's financial transactions particularly tax payments, income tax return, wealth tax return.

But if you are shifting to another state, do you need PAN card migration?
The answer is Yes, it is a must to get PAN migrated to the new Assessing Officer (AO) so that the processing of the return filed by the assessee is as per the new address.

The following process will help you in getting your PAN migrated:

First Approaching the present AO to begin the process: The PAN migration application needs to be filed to the current AO. Thus you are requesting AO for PAN transfer. The PAN transfer request needs to be entered by the new AO (destination AO, as per the change in residence).

Confirming the jurisdiction of new AO: Visit the the official website of Income Tax You will get the designation and contact number of the officers mentioned in the 'Field Offices' column. (It is important to note here that people who are serving in the Armed Forces, the PAN is as per their office address or the recent place of posting. PAN must be transferred to the jurisdictional AO in their hometown (or the place of settlement) after retirement.)

After filing PAN migration application: Once the source AO permits the transfer request, PAN transfer request will reach to source Commissioner of Income Tax for confirmation. Until the source officer accepts the transfer request, the PAN remains stuck in the transfer process. The destination AO is not responsible for any tax- related transactions done by you, till the time PAN gets migrated.

Confirmation of migration of PAN: Visit the official Income Tax website and move to 'KNOW YOUR JURISDICTIONAL AO' column. Verify the current status of PAN using the instructions mentioned.

PAN migration mobile app: Income Tax department's mobile app Aaykar Setu provides the option of PAN migration. This is how it works:

  • Open the Aaykar Setu app in your mobile
  • Click to the 'GOT A PROBLEM' option on the front page.
  • See the PAN migration option. You will be able to know all the required details about the PAN.