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National Nut Day

National Nut Day 2019, When is National Nut Day?

What is National Nut Day?

National Nut Day is celebrated every year on October 22 all over the world.  National Nut Day was created by Liberation Foods Company, the UK’s only Fair Trade, farmer-owned nut company. The day of National Nut Day was created to raise awareness of Fair Trade nuts and encourage the public to include nuts as part of a healthy diet.

Nuts are really delicious, nutritious and are packed with Omega-3 Fatty Acids, fiber and plant sterols. This means that most of the nuts are tasty as well as healthy. There has been a day created for Peanut as well as Walnut. National Peanut Day comes in the month of September and National Walnut Day falls in the month of May.

National Peanut Day

National Peanut Day is the day in celebration of Peanuts and falls September 13 each year.

National Walnut Day 

National Walnut Day falls on May 17 each year and is the day in celebration of walnuts. National Walnut Day was started by Walnut Marketing Board in the 1950s.

National Nut Day - History

National Nut Day created by Liberation Foods Company was a way to raise awareness for nuts and to tell people that nuts under them were sustainably-grown, and nut farmers are paid a fair minimum wage for their labor and crops. Farmers growing Brazil nuts, peanuts and cashews  from Malawi, Brazil, India, El Salvador and other countries came together to form a Fair Trade collective under Liberation Foods.

The Liberation Foods Company is based in the United Kingdom, yet this holiday has expanded in the United States. As per Nutcracker Museum, nuts were a regular part of the human diet almost 800,000 years ago.

National Nut Day Facts

Nuts are available in different shapes and sizes.
Nuts are delicious and nutritious. All nuts provide large amounts of healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Almonds are rich in protein, calcium and vitamin E. 
Nuts make a perfect snack and they fill our tummy for quite some time.
Nuts are easy to transport and can last for months in storage.
Peanuts are legumes, and not really nuts. Around 540 peanuts can be found in a 12 ounce jar of peanut butter.540 peanuts in a 12 ounce jar of peanut butter.
Romans considered walnuts as the food of the gods. 
Ancient Greeks used Hazelnuts to treat coughs
1 serving of Walnuts supplies 100% of your daily Omega-3 requirements
1 serving of Chestnuts supplies 20% of your vitamin C requirements
40% of the world’s almond supply are bought by Chocolate manufacturers
Nuts are full of energy and are a primary source of nutrients.
Many nuts are good sources of vitamins E and B2. 
Nuts are also rich in protein, folate fiber, and essential minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, and selenium.
Studies have shown that those who consume nuts regularly are less likely to suffer from coronary heart disease (CHD). Clinical trials have found that consumption of almonds and walnuts, can lower serum LDL cholesterol or bad cholesterol and increases HDL or 'good cholesterol' level in the blood.
People who eat nuts lived two to three years longer than those who did not. Nuts consumption is linked to eating less junk food which leads to a longer lifespan.
Nuts are healthiest in their raw form.

National Nut Day Dates

Year Date Day
2019 22-Oct Tuesday
2020 22-Oct Thursday
2021 22-Oct Friday
2022 22-Oct Saturday
2023 22-Oct Sunday
2024 22-Oct Tuesday
2025 22-Oct Wednesday

How to celebrate National Nut Day?

Pick your favourite nuts and start eating them. 
Gift someone a pack of cashews or almonds.
Use hashtags #NationalNutDay or #NutDay to post on social media

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