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When is Sweetest Day, Sweetest Day 2019

National Sweetest Day, Sweetest Day 2019

National Sweetest Day is celebrated in the Midwestern United States, and parts of the Northeastern United States, also in the northern part of Florida on the third Saturday in October. National Sweetest Day is a day to be sweet by sharing a kind thought, a small gift or a gesture of kindness. This year National Sweetest day falls on October 19. You can give a card with a message to someone you love and appreciate on the Sweetest Day. National Sweet day is like when you gift sweets or candies to someone, you need to do something so that you can give sweetness to someone in any way. Since 1929, Sweetest day is being celebrated every year on the third saturday of october.

10 states and parts of two states observe Sweetest Day: Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin, West Virginia, and areas of both New York and Pennsylvania west of the spine of the Appalachian Mountains. Sweetest Day has also been referred to as a "Hallmark holiday" or a "concocted promotion" created by the candy industry just to increase sales of sweets as 80 percent of Hallmark’s Sweetest Day cards have a “love” or “romance” theme. Also, Hallmark first made Sweetest Day cards in the mid-1960s.

National Sweetest Day - History

Herbert Birch Kingston, a Cleveland, Ohio philanthropist and a candy company employee was the one who started Sweetest Day. As his main motive to celebrate Sweetest day was to bring happiness to orphans, and under-privileged. He distributed candy and small gifts to these people in 1922. He also used movie stars to distribute the gifts.

The first Sweetest Day was celebrated on October 10, 1921 in Cleveland. Sweetest Day can be traced back to 1922 when Cleveland’s 12 candy companies came together to distribute candies to “newsboys, orphans, old folks, and the poor.” More than 20,000 boxes of candy were distributed to make a day a little sweeter for these people in Cleveland, Ohio.

Soon movie celebrities caught the idea. Theda Bara, known as a “bad girl” of film, was seen many times distributing candies to people who attended movies or plays and giving treats to patients in hospitals. The sweet day was also promoted by Ann Pennington. Thus the idea of Sweetest Day as a way of promoting smiles soon took the attention of the whole country. People of Michigan, Indiana and Ohio promoted good values like honesty and caring for neighbors.

On October 19, 1940, more than 10,000 boxes of candy was distributed by the Sweetest Day Committee. The candy was distributed among 26 local charities. 225 children were given candy in the chapel at the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children on October 17, 1940. 600 boxes of candy were also delivered to the presidents of the Jewish, Protestant and Catholic Big Sister groups of New York.

Sweetest Day is almost the same as Valentine’s Day. People offer flowers, gifts, and, candies to their loved ones. Sweetest Day also has a feeling of being sweet to each other and helping needy people with material gifts as well as offering moral support to those who need it the most. Every little bit helps and it’s something to remember on one of our Sweetest Days.

When is Sweetest Day? - National Sweetest Day Dates

Sweetest Day 2019 - 19 October
Sweetest Day 2020 - 17 October
Sweetest Day 2021 - 16 October
Sweetest Day 2022 - 15 October
Sweetest Day 2023 - 21 October
Sweetest Day 2024 - 19 October
Sweetest Day 2025 - 18 October

What is Sweetest Day?

Sweetest Day refers to a day when you need to be sweet and show your affection to others. Although we should always be sweet to others, yet a day when referred to as sweetest day provides a clear way to help others with gifts of candy or some act of kindness to those you care about or anyone who is need of your support.

Sweetest Day Activities

Prepare a list of your sweeties
On Sweetest Day, you can prepare a list of people who you care about and you have a feeling of softness and sweetness.

Distribute candy to loved ones and others
Offer Candy to your family, relatives, co-workers and friends as an act of kindness. And do not forget the same gestures for the people in need. You will be surprised how deeply this may touch upon their heart.

Candy is the not the only gift on Sweetest day

It is not necessary to give only candy as a gift. You can take somebody out for a lunch or a dinner or just prefer to have a cup of coffee with them. The main purpose of Sweetest day is to show your appreciation and love for the people making an impact on your lives. There’s literally many things you can do to make the day sweet and letting good vives flow.

Valentine’s Day is not the only love holiday

National Sweetest Day may be the day to offer candy but its not like the Valentine’s Day as there’s no hurry or a feeling of pressure. You can offer sweets or show your acts of kindness to coworkers, family members or anyone you wish on any other day also and make that day as sweet as the National Sweetest Day. Though the Sweetest Day is associated with heart-shaped boxes almost similar to Valentine's Day. Sweetest Day is just a day to be romantic, sweet and nice to others. This day just not focusses on only romantic partner. National Sweetest day does not come on a fixed date as valentine's day, it comes on a different date every year.

Ohio is where the celebration is the most
Sweetest Day is heavily celebrated in Ohio, the home state. Sweetest Day cards, gifts, and sweets are higher than any other state in the United States.

Use Hashtags to promote
Use #NationalSweetestDay, #NationalSweetDay or #SweetestDay to post on social media

Happy Sweetest Day!

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