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IndiaTashan is an information portal of India. India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world with its history dating back to 5000 years. People from all walks of life, of varying religions, dialects, customs and traditions live harmoniously.

Rich Indian Culture and Heritage

IndiaTashan reflects the rich Indian culture and heritage and showcases the overall information of the country ranging from the history, culture, languages, population, demographics to the fairs and festivals of India, the spirituality, the historical monuments, information on the business and finance domain etc. India travel domain has also been widely covered covering all aspects of India travel like the best places to visit in India, the hotels, restaurants, various accommodations that you can enjoy, tips for traveling and the accessories that you should accompany with you. This is an honest effort to provide comprehensive and one stop source of information about India. Although, a due care has been taken to reflect India in a positive way and provide a good source of information on all facets of India, yet IndiaTashan canot be held responsible in any way for any misunderstandings, misinformation or incorrect information (if you find) given in this portal and any consequences if negative arised thereafter. And moreover, users are encouraged to report any errors and incorect information.

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